Q. How much does it cost to seal a silo?

A. Prices vary  depending on the type of construction of the silo. The most common silo that we seal are the old 110 tonne elevated Lysaght. These cost $7100 inc. GST. Newer style silos with bigger wall sheets and welded cones of a similar size can be up to $2500 less.

Q. How much does it cost to only waterproof a silo?

A. eg. The 110 tonne elevated Lysaght is $4180 inc. GST

Q. What is the difference between waterproofing and sealing?

A. Waterproofing seals the wall joints, wall bolts, roof bolts and around the legs. Then the walls and roof are painted with 2 coats of Solver Duraguard High Gloss white. Sealing includes all of the above PLUS: we seal the roof laps and eaves, make the roof manhole sealable and install a new lid and ground operated lid-opener. We seal the bolts in the cone and fit a new bottom slide(if the old swivel boot is still in place) and finally fit a pressure relief valve.

Q. Do the silos have to be empty?

A. No. All the work is done on the outside. If the silo needs the bottom slide replaced or rubber fitted to the base manhole, then yes it does need to be empty. The pressure relief valve can be fitted when the silo is full as long as the grain level is 200mm below the eave.

Q. How long does the job take?

A. A team of 4 men can do one a day(11-12 hrs)

Q. Do I have to be there?

A. No. Just show the team the silo and indicate which way the lid-opener needs to face for you to fill the silos.

Q. Is there any guarantee?

A. Yes. There is a 5 year written guarantee.


Q. Does the silo need to be empty?

A. No. All the work is done on the outside of the silo. There is no problem fitting the sight glass when the silo is full of grain. Note: the silo will need to be empty to fit a manhole in the cone.

Q. Do I have to tell you how big the lid is, or what diameter the centre fill hole is?

A. No. We carry 4 different diameter lids on board. On openings of 900mm or more we will use the existing lid and fit a tie-down cable at the front to hold the lid down against strong winds.

Q. Do I have to have a new lid?

A. No. we can use the existing lid most of the time. The exception is on old Lysaght/Aquila silos that have a big overhang which catches the wind and blows up.

Q. Can you fit lid-openers to my sealed silos?

A. Yes. We can replace the rubbers and then fit a cable to the front of the lid that hangs down to the ground, so you can get a proper seal on the lid. (extra cost for rubber replacement and cable)

Q. How long does it take?

A. A team of 2 can fit 2 lid-openers per hour.

Q. Have you fitted many?

A. Yes. We have fitted 5000 lid-openers in the past 4 years.

Q. Do you give a discount for quantity?

A. Yes.  We will negotiate a discount for the installation of 10 or more lid-openers at the one site.


Q. Do you have Grain Dryers in stock ?

A. Yes. We have have stock in the factory ready to pack and send. Order one day and it will be on the next day’s truck.

Q. What are the delivery times and freight costs?

A. We use Toll Express for delivery in Australia.

.  Allow 4 days delivery time to  NSW costing $450-$600

.  Allow 5 days delivery time to QLD costing $550-$700

Q. Have you sold many?

A. Yes. Hundreds are in use in NSW , VIC, QLD, SA, WA, and Tasmania.  50% of our sales are to the neighbors, friends, brothers and cousins of existing  owners of the grain dryers and  aeration systems.

“Peace of mind for farming families”