Spun Lids

New spun silo lids are available in 3 sizes:

775mm dia. – $190 inc. GST, freight extra.

660mm dia. – $120 inc. GST, freight extra.

590mm dia. – $120 inc. GST, freight extra.

Spun Lids - Available in 4 sizes

Silo Lid Opener DIY Kits

The silo lid opener kit is designed to adapt to the existing silo lid. For the kit to work, the existing lids need approximately 10mm free play.

If the silo has a chinaman’s cap type lid we can supply a spun lid to fit.

$350 inc. GST, freight extra

Kit includes all brackets, stainless steel cable, bolts, tex screws and fitting instructions.

Silo Lid Opener DIY Kits

Silo Cone Base Access Hole DIY Kits

Kit includes lid, collar, tex screws, handle, galvanised chain and fitting instructions.

Standard size 485mm inside diameter $280 inc. GST, freight extra.

Access Hole DIY Kit

Silo Sight Glasses


200mm x 300mm 4.5mm thick UV polycarbonate (25+ year life).

Cut hole size 150mm x 250mm.

$25 Inc. GST

Large sightglass

“Peace of mind for farming families”